APril 8, 2001

4.5- Glasses

Well this is the first game that I am reviewing this season because I was at the home opener. I actually have the game on tape so when I have a chance I will watch it and get that review posted.

In the Tiger's pre-game, we learned of some scary devolpments. It appears that when David "Boomer" Wells' playing days are over that he is considering a career in broadcasting. Boomer actually said he would come to Detroit if he has to. I really think that there are plenty of jobs out there for Boomer and that he should leave Josh's job alone. Mr. Boomer if your reading this I found a web site that maybe able to help your career search.

Since this is Josh's first game I see that he has abandoned the glasses look. I am wondering if he has gone to contacts or maybe he has had that trendy laser eye surgery. I really hope he has not had the surgery on his eyes because if the Simpsons has taught me anything its that after 10 years your eyes fall out. I really would hate to see a cosmetic surgery bring to end  such a brillant career.

Gibby was commenting that with Gonzalez coming to town that the weather maybe flu-like. Josh said. "Funny he doesn't look fluish." This appears to me to be a modified Spaceballs reference.

Josh said, "April may be the cruelest month but Tony Clark is telling T.S. Elliot to take a hike." Gibby asked what was that. Josh says, "I'm sorry did I just go Dennis Miller on you?"

Josh asked Gibby if there was a "Duck Blind for Dummies Book?" Gibby wouldn't respond but the Josh Lewin Fan Club crack research staff has discovered there is a book that address the topic of Duck Blinds.