APril 19, 2001

3.25 Surgically Corrected Eyes

Please note: From this time forward the ratings have been changed forever or until Josh's vision goes bad. Josh has had his eyeballs worked on and no longer wears glasses. Apparently he was sick of Gibby always stilling his glasses and such. So until I can think of something funnier I am going with Surgically corrected eyes for my rating.

Josh had 2 meatball and cheese hot pockets for lunch today. This is in honor of David Wells who is pitching today. Josh obviously knows 4 star frozen food entrees.

When Chris Singleton made a basket catch in the outfield Josh said that was his "Willie Mays Hayes" catch. This is a reference to a great baseball movie "Major Leagues."

Wendall Magee got caught in a rundown that ended up being a 4-3-6-5-2, and off the top of his head Josh said thats an Ohio zip code.

Josh and Gibby were talking about how basic but important the first strike pitch. Josh used a Norm McDonald story to create this into pop terms. Norm McDonald once received some acting advice from Roseanne when your supposed to be sad frown and when your supposed to be happy smile.