APril 20, 2001

4.25 Surgically Corrected Eyes for Josh

-5 million Shiny Bald Heads for Gibby

This is the first time I have ever given a rating to Gibby and as you can see it is not a good one but if you read on you will see that I had no choice in the matter.

Josh commented on Phil Garnders old Astro's jerseys that we called the Sherman Williams paint sampler.

Josh also started to do a Seinfeld reference then Gibby said. "NO NOW." It was pretty funny.

Josh called Marty Cordova, Marty Cor "d'oh"va. Josh said I can't believe this is the first Simpsons reference of the season is falling on April 20th. Gibby then goes, "whats the reference."

Josh continues, "Homer Simpson says d'oh"

Gibby, " I don't know who Homer Simpson is."

Josh, "You could be Homer Simpson"

Gibby, "Is that a compliment"

Josh, "Uh yes, yes it is"

Since the Simpsons is the greatest TV show of all-time bar none and is this site creators favorite TV show I probably inflated today's score a little bit.

I had to slam Gibby for not knowing who Homer Simpson is. My goodness quit hanging out with Ted Nugent so much and get cable in that tree your always sitting in.