April 25th, 2001

3.25 Surgically Corrected Eyes

Josh was rattling off the Tigers 1901 team nicknames and there were some incredible nicknames mentioned. Then Josh contemplated the current nicknames and asked, "where have all the nicknames gone?" I am completely convinced this is a modified Paula Cole reference from where have all the Cowboys gone. 

Josh is correct that the  Tigers current team lacks quality nicknames Senor Doble for Deivi Cruz is possibly the only clever when I have ever heard. I mean, we call Higginson, Higgy. We call Comerica Park, Copa. The city of Detroit has certainly fallen on creative hard times. 

It is time for Detroit to have creative rebirth so lets try and come up with a nickname for Josh. Then I will pick the best choice and let Josh know his new nickname.

Josh boasted that with Willis Roberts pitching he did not make a single Different Strokes reference.

This game also saw Josh step aside for a couple of innings and let George Kell call some of the game. George Kell has just a great southern voice that is perfect for announcing baseball. It was just great to sit back and  think that Detroit has probably 3 of the greatest announcers ever in Ernie Harwell, George Kell and now in Josh Lewin.