May 1, 2001

4.25 Surgically Corrected Eyes

Today was definitely a day for those who remember their favorite shows as a kid. Check it out below.

Josh described Andres Gallaraga's comeback from cancer as the baseball version of you had me at hello. That's a Jerry Maguire reference for those cave dwellers who check out the site.

Josh also stated that there is no Joshie fan plan. This gross oversight needs to be corrected because we need a Josh Lewin bobble head. I think it is time to complain to Tigers management for this gross over sight. I am now accepting e-mails from people who are demanding a Josh Lewin bobble head.

Josh has been doing some in depth research to discover that Gabe Kapler's muscle's do not actually come from spinach as previously thought but instead our from flax seeds. Personally to heck with muscles, I would just as soon have a cheeseburger.

Josh called Gibby a puddycat.

When Tony Clark hit a ball right back to Kenny Rogers, Josh  said it went right to his neighborhood. A classic Mr. Rogers from PBS reference, Josh avoided the overused references of the Gambler. 

Also Josh's first car was a 1949 Buick Roadmaster.

Josh also said Phil Garner pulled an Emily Latela from SNL because Phil was caught of the air saying, "he's been callin bullsh*t all night." As many fans of SNL may remember some censors must have been asleep at the controls when David Schimmer hosted SNL because Miss Emily accidentally said sh*t and was not bleeped out.  This is an incredible reference by Josh possibly the most obscure but well placed one to date.