May 2, 2001

3.50 Surgically Corrected Eyes

We were able to witness some stellar Ranger's defense and Josh said the only thing missing was the kaliope music. (A quick disclaimer I apologize for my abusive spelling and grammar but I am product of Michigan's public schools.)

Gibby said, "excellent" Josh follows that up with a thank you Mr. Burns. This was our second Simpson's reference of the season. 

With a 7-0 lead Josh proclaimed, "Holy Cushion Batman." Gibby countered with, "Holy Free Runs Batman." I am thinking about starting a running Gibby joke meter on this web site. The meter would have 2 categories one for when he tells a joke and the second for jokes that are funny.

Josh's full name is Joshua Mark Lewin. I understand this is not pop culture so lets say he is named after Marky Mark if that makes everyone happy.

Josh also hummed the theme from Dallas.