May 6, 2001

4.25 Surgically Corrected Eyes

Josh has done it again! This was a truly masterful performance. We had references to celebrity vices of street walkers and learned of some our own Tiger's Hollywood moments.

Damion Easley hit a ball into the what Josh called the Charlie Sheen section. Josh then took the time to recount the time when actor Charlie Sheen wanted to catch a home run ball so he bought out the entire section in left field. Charlie and his friends were unsuccessful in catching fly balls. Gibby asked what friends Charlie brought along and then they both kind of laughed and drop the topic. They were making reference to Charlie's invovlement in the Heidi Fleiss scandal of a few years ago. For those of you who do not remember Heidi, she was the Hollywood madam.

Josh also thought it was odd that a team owned by Disney did not have a mascot.

Robert Fick's older brother played the catcher in the movie the Naked Gun.

Robert Fick himself started in gatorade commercial as a kid and had a cameo on Webster.