May 16, 2001

3.25 Surgically Corrected Eyes

Today is my Dad's 56th b-day so in tribute I decided to watch a Tiger's game.

Hopefully Josh is starting to heat up because this game would be a great building block.

Josh gave us what I believe is the first Kung Fu reference of the season. Josh was making an analogy because Jeff Weaver throws inside. If you plant rice, rice will grow. If you plant fear, fear will grow.

Josh said the Orioles are about as mobil as wet laundry at the bottom of the drier.

Damion Easley likes R&B music with his favorite being R. Kelly. Josh said he doesn't know much about R&B except that Dana Lewin has a Destiny's Child cd.

Today we also learned that Roger Cedeno used to be a roadie for Elvis (Cedeno).