June 12, 2000

3.5- Glasses

This is the first game I have actually reviewed for content. I can not believe how much of Josh's genius I miss because I am not paying total attention.

The comment that sticks out the most to me is that Carlos Delgado won the player of the week award and received a watch from Major League baseball. Josh then wondered out loud what happened when he was co-player of the week earlier in the year. Josh possibly believed that the watch may be split in half.

If that was not good enough we were enlightened to Josh's description of the dirty gloppy mud from the Delaware River. This was an incredible education for all baseball fans.

In the sixth inning though, Josh was called a dumb little geek by Kirk Gibson for playing an interview of David Wells. This game probably would have been a four except for these comments.

P & K Products HH-2805DT Detroit Tigers...

These Josh Lewin reviews are more addicting than crack and I need more
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