June 20, 2000

4.0 Glasses

This game was played on parents 30th wedding anniversary so in a tribute to the couple that gave me life I stayed home watched the game.

Home plate umpire Al Clarke was appealing to third base often at the beginning of the game which prompted Josh to say, " If Al Clarke gets on Who's going to be a millionaire I bet he used third base umpire C.B. Buckner as a life line."

If the first five innings of Tuesday's game the Tigers scored 5-3-2-3-0. Josh's crack research staff determine that this was the first time ever the Tigers scored the Olan, Iowa zip code.

Finally who says play by play guys aren't capable of late inning heroics? Josh was lost in a traditional side bar conversation which produced the following story, "One time I was pulled over for doing 53 in a 35 zone. I told the cop I was diyslexic. I still got the ticket."

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