August 8, 2000

3.0 Glasses-Josh and Gibby appear to be back in sync.

We found out that Josh likes the McDonalds happy meals for the cool toys. Also Josh prefers the boy toys... (Thank Goodness).

This game was actually not really that interesting until Josh displayed his hot dog eating approach for the world. Josh had not eaten his hot dog that arrived in the first inning. After some Gibby prodding Josh was going to eat the hot dog after the third out was made. So the third out was recorded and Josh stuffed the hot dog right in his mouth. However Gibby forgot to take the game into the close and when he finally did we said the wrong half inning. When we returned from commercial break for the status of the dynamic duo we saw Josh finishing up on speed hot dog eating. My account can not do this justice but trust me it was a priceless moment.

We also that the Josh Lewin fan club is growing. There was actually photographed  footage of people asking for Lewin's autograph before the game.






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