August 21, 2000

4.5 Glasses - I hadn't seen a Josh game because they played on the West Coast. I just can't stay up that late. So I think we should help petition Major League Baseball and move all the teams to the Midwest. Anyway Josh was in rare form and here are the highlights.

Josh decided to place the Tigers being near .500 in its proper pop-cultural frame work. The last time the Tigers were at .500 in August was when UB40 had a number one song with Can't help falling in Love with You.

Now on a serious note it has come to my attention that individuals in the Grand Rapids area have unfairly attacked Josh as a jinx with the Steve Sparks no hit bid. As a member of the Grand Rapids community I must say that I am completely embarrassed. Josh stated he doesn't think we will be vacationing in Grand Rapids any time soon because of the insults. The mayor of GR should have called an emergency town meeting. This Josh boycott could seriously damage Grand Rapids tourism.

We learned today that a boilermaker is not a drink but a player who catches a baseball with his boiler.

Josh actually noted that today's umpire was wearing Dockers because if he wasn't they would be just pants. Gibby completely missed this TV commercial reference.