September 3, 2000

5.0 Glasses- I never actually saw the tape of this game or ever had a chance to review. This is because I was at the game in the broadcast booth with the legendary Josh Lewin.

Josh was gracious enough to host me and my posse at Comerica Park. We were going to conduct the first official interview of the icon.

Josh brought us up to the broadcast booth where we also got to meet Kirk Gibson. We spent a majority of the time just talking and goofing off before I started asking the hard hitting questions all of Josh's fans want to know.

John: First of all have you ever sworn on air?

Josh: No not here but Gibby did drop the F-Bomb in the Baltimore series.

John: When you first heard you had a fan club did you immediately think of Selina?

Josh: Laughing

Gibby: Actually we did that's why we had you stay in the that room downstairs it has metal detectors.

John: Josh when you were in Rochester did you ever consider changing you name to Vin Scully Jr. to increase your name reconigntion?

Josh: No, but John Keating did change his name when he working in Grand Rapids.

I am going to make the full video available on the site just as soon as I get back from my honeymoon (that's October 8, 2000).