July 6, 2001


It has long been proven that geekdom can not be achieved by man alone. It takes a special lady to drive someone to watch a wealth of Television. Josh Lewin is no different so I would like to offer you, the readers of the Josh Lewin Fan Club, the first ever look at the Dana Lewin Interview.

John: What is it like to be married to the biggest Jewish superstar since
      Krusty the Klown? 
Dana: He still puts his pants on one leg at a time--that is when he's 
      wearing pants.  He still has clothes from the eighties--so 
      "stardom"(if you really stretch the meaning of the word) really 
      hasn't affected him that much.
John: Do you ever watch games with Gibby's wife. do you make fun of her to get
      back at Gibby's abuse of Josh?  
Dana: No I haven't watched a game with Kirk's 
      wife.  I make fun of Josh and Kirk while I'm sitting in front of my T.V. 
      all by myself.  My neighbors think I'm nuts--oh well.  My 2 year old son
      has asked me,"Where is Kirk's hair?  Gone!"
John: Is Gibby as intelligent as he sounds?
Dana: Now you're just trying to get me into trouble.
John: How many times have you heard Gibson's home-run story?
Dana: 104,453
John: Of the million, how many times did you hear it
      directly from Gibby?  
Dana: Believe it or not, never.
John: Did Josh pursue you or was it the other way around?  
Dana: He pursued me.  In his charming way, he talked about his 
      ex-girlfriend the whole night.
John: Have you ever seriously thought about becoming the Sunny 
      and Cher of baseball announcing? I can see it now (mind going
      fuzzy for dream sequence), "Welcome to Detroit Tigers baseball 
      with your hosts, The Lewins, Josh and Dana." 
Dana: I think that would be too much togetherness.
John: After being inspired by Anderson, do you feel Josh's
      tongue pierce has improved his abilities?  YES, I'm
      referring to his announcing. What else would I mean? 
Dana: ???????
John: Can you cook?  
Dana: I am a really good cook when I want to be.
John: Can me and Amy come over for Thanksgiving dinner?
Dana: Only if you break into my house, bypass the alarm system 
      and bring your own turkey.
John: Your husband is quickly becoming one of the best announcers 
      in the history of [Detroit] Tiger baseball! While the rest 
      of America marvels this extraordinary man and his God given 
      abilities, how do you handle all the attention? Will normalcy 
      ever return in your life?
Dana: My life has never been normal and I certainly didn't marry Josh 
      with the expectations of having a normal life--of course I never 
      thought he'd be marveled at by America.
John: Other than for a job is this your first interview by the eh media 
      (pause for laughter)?
Dana: Yes, you have the first official interview. Is this your first attempt 
      at interviewing a "celebrity" spouse?