September 10, 2000


In preparation for my meeting with Josh back on September 3rd I had come up with a series of thought inspiring questions. However I lost all those so I asked Josh these instead:

John: What is your favorite moment ever calling a game?
Josh: My first year out of college, the 1990 Governor's Cup championship win for the AAA Rochester Red Wings.. the only championship game I've ever called!

John: Who is a better announcer Kirk Gibson or Harry Carry?
Josh:  Right now? Kirk, in that Harry's dead.

John: Who is a better announcer Kirk Gibson or Dennis Miller?
Josh:  If you went to Yale, definitely Miller. If you didn't, definitely Gibby.

John: What is the dumbest thing a fan has ever asked you?
Josh: To sign a particular pair of body parts while my wife was only a few yards away.

John: What is your favorite piece of baseball memorabilia?
Josh: A tube full of Tiger Stadium dirt, clandestinely scooped up last September.

John: When you get inducted in the baseball Hall of Fame, can I give your acceptance speech?
Josh: Absolutely. See you in the year 17,356 when that may actually happen.

John: What would be your theme song if you got a chance to step in a major league batting box?
Josh: NOT "Who Let the Dogs Out." Maybe something by Burt Bacharach.

John: What better describes you, a baseball purist or a Puritan?
Josh: Purist.

John: If you were a professional wrestler what would your name be?
Josh:  Since "Goldberg" is already taken, I'd maybe go with "GoldSTEIN." That or "Schwartz." 

John: What do think of freeloaders?
Josh: With the exception of Kato Kaelin, I think they're fine. I'm even related to a couple.

John: Do you have an entourage?
Josh:  No, unless you include my monkey, Mr. Sparkles, and my personal foot massuese, Paco.